About Us

How we got started

In the spring of 2002, David Ruckno moved to Hilton Head Island, SC from North Carolina. He still had his North Carolina license plate that read, “PITT IS IT” on his car. (He hadn’t been here 90 days yet so no law were broken) Sarah Takacs saw his car in a parking lot and placed her business card under David’s window wiper with, “PITT IS IT! Hail to Pitt!” written on it. David then called Sarah and the Pitt Club of the Lowcountry was born. We all owe Sarah Takacs, a great deal of thanks as the original organizer and creator of the club.

Two other, now transferred back to the north, members deserve acknowledgement for their enormous contributions to the formation of the club, Dan Deely and Ron Dodson. Dan scheduled many lunch meetings, called everyone in the world on the alumni provided list for the first Groundhog Day Party and organized our colorful and melodious presence in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Ron sent informative and exciting emails encouraging everyone to join him for all the games. Ron always greeted everyone at Street Meet (the original location for game watching that we sadly outgrew) and made sure they felt welcome and were introduced around. The talented Ruby Machi has served as the game day hostess and social director for the past several years. She makes sure everyone is comfortable and cheering for the home team!

The other big event that we all look forward to each year, was suggested and brought to fruition by Frank Jeffreys, the club’s current VP, is the annual Ground Hog Day Party hosted by David and Kelly Ruckno.

Jim McCarl, the current national president of the alumni association and his lovely wife Carol are active members in the club.

The club gets together at Hinchey’s to cheer loudly and to mostly enjoy watching the football and men’s and several women’s basketball games throughout the seasons. It is a wonderful social time to share old memories at Pitt and to make new friends.

Dave Ruckno recently received his new personalized license plate from the state of South Carolina. As the current president of the club, no one will be surprised that it reads, “GO PITT”.